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About Us


Mission , Vision & motto

Solus is one of the largest outdoor advertising (OOH) companies in Kerala. If you want a high-quality advertisement which engages with both mass and target audiences in all districts of Kerala, we are your people. We want one simple thing and that is, to leave a place in a better way than we found it. Before a road was just a road. With OOH, it is an information center deriving action. Outdoor advertising is not just about placing a hoarding in any random location and calling it a day. It is the type of advertising where when customers step out of their home and get attracted to your product, leaving a lasting impact in their minds.

We aim to create the maximum visual awareness with outdoor advertising. We provide your brand with an advertising media that can’t be turned off. As consumers spend more and more time out, they are more exposed to outdoor advertising. Outdoor advertising cannot be avoided or blocked. It conveys prestige and authority, making brands famous and iconic..


To be the leading outdoor advertising agency and provide the best solutions for our clients. We want to build relationships which last a lifetime and thereby create outdoor ads for long term success.


To build a world class OOH agency throughout the nation by providing accurate, creative and the most feasible outdoor campaigns, with emerging platforms and new technologies to help advertisers take their message further..


To place your product in the conscious and subconscious minds of the customers through effective OOH advertising, which gives you maximum footfall. We want to create an impact on your audience so they take the appropriate action.